The purpose of Salsabuzz & Salsa Elegante is to raise the bar with above standard, elegant and beautifully balanced events.

We aim to entertain the senses with fun and happiness, leaving you with a 'buzz' of excitement that transforms the average week into wonderful thoughts, flashbacks and memories. 

This natural salsa 'buzz' simply became the parent company name and aim of my involvement. This company name quite naturally is Salsabuzz, as this is what I want to share with everyone I meet and I believe it has something for everyone.

Salsabuzz & Salsa Elegante does not narrow the range of artists, musical genres and styles, we encourage the full diversity of music and dance.

Welcome you to Salsabuzz 'Something for everyone' & Salsa Elegante 'Beautifully Entertaining'.

Nathan Brade, Director

Salsabuzz Ltd. & Salsa Elegante Ltd.