Nails, Jewellery & Hair

Nails – It is important to ensure that nails are well maintained and manicured. If nails are sharp, split and/or un-filed, then there is a danger of scratching someone, it also feels unpleasant to touch. Anyone with long nails, please see your teacher for guidance and advice.

Jewellery – It is important to ensure that sharp and jagged jewellery is removed and/or kept to the minimum. We advise you not to wear such jewellery to salsa, this is true for heavy jewellery and chains that may fly out when dancing. When it comes to salsa the less jewellery the better.

Hair – For those individuals with hair extensions, beads and long plaits etc., we advise that when dancing the hair splays out and can be hazardous if it hits someone in the face. We recommend that you tie your hair back and/or tie your hair up, to avoid this hazard.